Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why Rich Teams are Losing their Edge

In baseball today, teams are hiring young smart GMs who know what their doing to run their teams. The worse teams in the MLB were the first to do this, meaning that the small market teams have these smart young guys who are building their team through the minors which is a much cheaper way to build a team. What is happening in baseball now is that players decline rapidly after the age of 32 instead of 35-37. This might be because of the drug policy it might not be, we don't know. What this means is that players are past their peak when entering free agency. Also, now all these small market teams are locking up their young players. What have we realized so far?

1) The best players never reach free agency
2) Free Agents are usually past their prime
3) Free Agents are expensive and probably not worth the 1 or 2 draft picks
4) Free Agents are very expensive

Obviously, if the Royals, Rays and A's are 3 out of the top 4 teams in the AL then you know the small market teams are doing it right. Look at it this way. One side spends more money, has older players and is always mediocre to good and the other side spends money on player development, have young exciting players and while their developing the young talent the fans suffer through 100 loss seasons. As a fan, wouldn't you rather watch a young mediocre team more than an old mediocre team? Of course you would, the young team will get better the old team will decline. The only big market team to have a smart new generation GM is the Red Sox and look how that has turned out(winning 2 World Series in in 4 years). Why can't other big market teams learn. The Yankees, Mets and Cubs just aren't getting it done anymore. It makes sense, if you look at the past the Giants signed Bonds in '96 I believe and he was the best hitter in baseball for all his 12 years with the team. This doesn't happen anymore. Teams have to adjust, big market teams have to adapt and realize FA's are overrated and expensive and that they could invest the same money in player development and international scouting and have a much better team in the long run.

All rich teams base themselves through free agents and expensive trades(even the Red Sox do this), which is proven to be a flawed system while small market teams are putting a tenth of that money into player development and international scouting and coming up with diamonds. The D-Backs, the Brewers and the Reds are all doing this now and look how it has turned out. In baseball 26-28 is the average age players peak, so what would be better to get 29 year olds or 18-22 years olds? You tell me