Monday, May 26, 2008

Baseball in a Transition

I believe the game of baseball is in a transition. The MLB has just gone through the "juiced age" and are now done with it. This means less homers and less power. No more 60 homer seasons, no more 70 double season. I think this is bad for baseball because we'll be seeing more Luis Castillo type players. These guys just put the ball in play and hope for the best. Managers will be doing more hit and runs, steals and bunts which all have way to much risk involved and are deeply flawed because outs are the most valuable thing in baseball.

I think steroid testing is good but the MLB can't afford to go back to that age before steroids which had tons of Luis Castilloesque players who give up many outs. 3.2 billion people didn't go to watch their favorite teams last year for pitching duels. MLB is at an all time high in revenue in part because of the steroid era. Almost every fan would rather watch a homerun marathon than a shutout, this is what the steroid era had accomplished, making a homer a very frequent play(and making the game of baseball more exciting). Obviously fans like seeing homers and runs scored(or fans are becoming more intelligent) and therefore attendance numbers were at an all time high last year. I hope the MLB can adjust and therefore stay the same.