Thursday, April 10, 2008

Top Ten GM's in the MLB

1. Theo Epstein
2. Billy Beane
3. Kevin Towers
4. Mark Shapiro
5. Josh Byrnes
6. Brian Cashmen
7. Dave Dombrowski
8. Doug Melvin
9. Omar Minaya
10. Pat Gillick

Bottom Five
26. JP Ricciardi-He's a smart guy but has made to many mistakes!
27. Bill Bavasi-One of the most overrated GM's in the game
28. Mike Flanagan-Horrid GM but had all his power stripped when the O's got Andy MacPhail to be their COO and President of Baseball Operations
29. Ned Colletti-As you've seen from my previous post I absolutely despise this guy, also he was hired after being the Asst. GM of the worst GM in baseball for 8 season(very smart move Mr. McCourt)
30. And the Winner is.....Brian Sabean-By far the worst in baseball has a high priced veteran team with no young talent or prospects and the worst Major League team.

Young Gm's on the Rise
1. Andrew Friedman-He's built a terrific team down by the bay for the first time.  He's 29 and a Jew. 
2. Wayne Krivsky-He's picked up all theses very talented underachieving players in trades and they've bloomed into stars (i.e. Brandon Phillips, Jeff Keppinger)
3. Dayton Moore-Quietly building up a very solid team in KC with a core of young superstars in Alex Gordon and Billy Butler.
4. Jon Daniels-Has been doing an excellent job of stocking his farm system realizing he doesn't have a chance at the division now but does down the road
5. John Mozeliak-A Rookie with a great baseball mind.

Top GM Prospects 
1. Jack Zduriencik-He should be the guy to get the credit for building up Milwaukee
2. Paul DePodesta-A former Billy Beane guy, learns from the best.  First Billy now Kevin Towers and is a stat head. (Padres)
3. Ben Cherington, Jed Hoyer-Theo Epstein protege.  Should be great GM's some day just like Josh Byrnes in Arizona. (Red Sox)
4. Tony LaCava-Great baseball guy, will turn your franchise around in seconds. (Blue Jays)
5. Ruben Amaro Jr.-Would be the most sought after, but since Pat Gillick is retiring after the season and he's his top assistant so he's the leading candidate for the Phillies GM job.