Thursday, April 3, 2008

No Starting Gig: Jason Botts

Have you heard of Travis Hafner? Of course you have! Have you heard of Jason Botts? Of course you haven't!  They both started(in Jason Botts case he's still there) their careers in Texas and both have tremendous power.  Botts is pretty slow and can't field to well but he's a great hitter.  Also look at all 1st basemen around the league and you'll see that most of them can't field or run either.  Plus He's a switch hitter and he's pretty versatile being able to play LF,RF and 1B. 
What I'm saying is Jason Botts is the next Travis Hafner and any team that'll pick Jason up will luck out.  In Jason's Minor League career he averaged a home run every 7.6 at-bats, that's higher than Travis Hafner's '06 rate of a homer every 10.8 at-bats.  So you may ask, why is this kid still without a starting job at the age of 27?  There are two answers:

1. He's never had a chance to prove himself totaling only 244 major league at-bats.
2. As you see with the Travis Hafner situation(DFA'd by the Rangers) the Rangers aren't the best run team.

So if there are any Major League Executives reading this, my advice to you is to pick Jason up and plug him in at 1st Base and give him a chance to prove himself.

Teams that can use Jason Botts:
Mets, Yankees, Orioles, Rangers, Rays(RF), Mariners(DH), Braves(LF), Giants(He'd be an upgrade anywhere) and Padres(LF) 



Saul Austerlitz said...

Love the blog, Ari! Keep up the analysis- I'm expecting daily breakdowns of the MLB's latest...