Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Starting Gig: Delwyn Young

Delwyn Young is an extremely talented hitter in the LA Dodgers organization.  It's not his fault that he's not starting for the Dodgers this year, it's Ned Colletti's(He's in the worst 5 GM's in baseball list).  Ned Colletti and Frank McCourt make up the stupidest GM/Owner tandem ever. Every player that is good on the Dodgers was either drafted during Dan Evans two years with the team but after not making the playoffs in two years was fired(but in the meantime probably built one of the best core of prospects ever in baseball history).  Or was drafted or traded for nothing in Paul DePodesta's two year run with the team.  In the first year he made the playoffs and in the second he traded Paul LoDuca who was a fan favorite, but really had nothing left for Brad Penny(the number five starter.....oops I mean ACE!) and finished the year 20 games under .500. What has Colletti done so far?  Block all his prospects with crappy veterans that are costly in cash and draft picks like: Kenny Lofton, Nomar, Juan Pierre and Rafael Furcal.  He's also blocked Andre Ethier this year when he signed Andruw Jones.  

He proved that he could hit at every level so the Dodgers challenged him and brought him up to a higher level of the Minors and every time he still smoked the ball.  Last year at AAA he had a .955 OPS, that's what Mark Teixeira had!!!  So the Dodgers brought him up to the bigs.  Right now he's sitting on the Dodgers bench as their 5th outfielder and can also play 2nd and a little 3rd base.  He's very versatile and athletic and knows how to play the game right.  He's a switch hitter a little undersized at 5"10 but can really rake and hasn't been given a real chance to succeed at the MLB level with only 44 ab's.  His only flaws are not being the greatest defender al bight being solid and he has to develop more plate discipline because he draws very few walks.  

He's a major league hitter and despite being small has tremendous power.  Might be a better fit at 2nd base or centerfield for the long run.  This guy needs a change of scenery desperately and the team that picks this guy up will be extremely lucky with what they've found. 

Possible Suiters:
Rays(RF), Yankees(1B), Orioles(DH), Royals, Twins(2B), Mariners(DH), Braves(they just love stockpiling young cheap talent), Nationals(solid fit team wise), Cardinals(2B), Cubs(IF), Reds(Future OF), Giants and Padres(LF,CF).  Quite frankly, any MLB team could use him. Everyone could use a superb bat on their team.  He would be a cheap terrific pickup for anyone.