Sunday, June 22, 2008

Changes for the Better

The third week of the season started the firing season. Wayne Krivsky was fired as the GM of the Reds after a tremendously disappointing start to the 2008 season and replaced by Walt Jocketty. The trigger happy Reds owner had his best friend waiting in the wings and therefore looked for any excuse at all to fire Mr. Krivsky. This has been the worst move made so far this firing season but there's probably much more to come. Here's a list of GM's and Managers that have lost their jobs and others that might lose their jobs quite soon.

General Managers
1. Wayne Krivsky-Hadn’t been given a fair chance, can be read in full detail here
2. Bill Bavasi-One of the worst GM’s in baseball. This move was great for the game of baseball

Potential Goners
1. Omar Minaya-if the Mets continue to underperform he’ll be shown the door as well
2. Ned Colleti-Another moron, might be finished as a GM.....for life
3. Jim Bowden-The Nats need a guy like Josh Byrnes(D-Backs GM) to push them over the top
4. JP Ricciardi-Has done a solid to average job running the Jays but that doesn't cut it when your playing in same division as the Yankees and Red Sox

1. John McLaren-A fiery manager that lived and died with his team
2. Willie Randolph-Bittersweet. He wasn't the greatest but he wasn't horrible
3. John Gibbons-A horrible manager, should've been fired before the season

Potential Goners
1. Dave Trembley-Should be fired, I don't know if he will be

So that's the rundown. Any questions can be left in the comments section. There are a lot of horrible GM's in baseball mainly because owners are so stubborn that they don't let GM's do their jobs and build for the long run and instead make them go out and sign top free agents and it's basically impossible nowadays to win like that.